El proyecto

The idea of SanctuaryStreaming.eu comes from a conversation between H. Em. Card. Jean-Claude Hollerich SJ and H. E. Mgr. Alain Paul Lebeaupin, respectively the President of COMECE and the Apostolic Nuncio to the EU, at a moment when multiple European governments took strict precautionary measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020.

As churches and sanctuaries across the continent are closing their doors, a large number of faithful find themselves unable to ask for prayer and support. In response to those needs, sanctuarystreaming.eu will provide them with free access to livestream services.

With this project, we want to show the Church’s solidarity, communion and unity in supporting all European people, and help them grow in a spirit of attention to the other, as individuals, families and within their communities, to better face the new challenges of the pandemic and those that will come after the emergency.

The website, which now counts numerous sanctuaries from across Europe, is not intended to close once the epidemic is over, but will remain as an instrument of prayer, unity and faith for all European people in the future.

The project will also be improved over time: it will be translated into more languages and will include more sanctuaries and churches that provide a livestream service.

For this reason, we are open to the collaboration of potential partners to enlarge the scope and effectiveness of the project.

SanctuaryStreaming.eu is an initiative of COMECE, coordinated by the COMECE Communication Officer Alessandro Di Maio, with the valuable collaboration of COMECE trainee Emilio Dogliani.

Alessandro Di Maio
COMECE Communication Officer