Jasna Góra Sanctuary of Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Czestochowa, Poland

The Sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, also known as Jasna Góra, is one of the most known in Poland and the world. Its greatest treasure is the Miraculous Image of the Mother of God, through which the site became one of the largest Marian sanctuaries of the region in the 15th century. Although there have never been any Marian apparitions at Jasna Góra, as was the case in other sanctuaries, the strength and mystery that attracts pilgrims to venerate the Lady is Her Miraculous Picture. Having been damaged in the past, the face of the Virgin bears signs of wound and pain, as if to demonstrate that She is the Mother of the martyred an tormented nation that is Poland. From the very beginning, the Jasna Góra painting became famous for numerous miracles, a sign of Her intercession to God for those who are experiencing pain and are in need of consolation.

The Sanctuary offers a livestream service, to be found under the following YouTube link.