Monastery and Sanctuary of St. Mary of Barbana

Grado, Italy

The Sanctuary of Barbana (Italy) is one of the oldest Marian sanctuaries in the world. Located on the Isle of Barbana (Grado), its origins date back to 582, when a strong coastal storm threatened the city of Grado. At the end of the storm, an icon of the Virgin was found by two hermits and later became the focal point of the first church, built in order to thank St. Mary for saving the city. Along its vicissitudes, the place where the current sanctuary lies became the centre of attraction for many pilgrims, especially during the time of the plague in the 13th century. Today, the sanctuary is visited by many, who wish to express their gratitude for the intercession of the Virgin, ask for mercy and repent, as well as remember the events of more than 1500 years ago and the miraculous story of salvation of the city.

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