Our Lady of Sinj

Sinj, Croatia

The sanctuary of the Virgin of Sinj is one of the largest in Croatia. For centuries people has shown filial devotion to the beautiful Image of Mother of Mercy, probably pa­inted toward the end of the 16th or at the be­ginning of the 17th century. The devout have always related their lives and work, famine and opulence, defe­ats and victories, health and sickness to Virgin Mary. This unity between the local Catholic community and the Virgin Mary gives special attraction to the Shrine. Every year the site is visited by many pilgrims, who bow in silent prayer and gratitude to the Virgin, light a candle before the Image of the Madonna and open their hearts to Her grace, asking for help and intercession to God in their tribulations.

Practical information on the streaming

The Shrine offers an online broadcast service on its Facebook page for scheduled celebrations.