Sanctuary of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland

Among the most frequently visited pilgrimage centres of Poland, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska sees over a million pilgrims visit this devotional complex every year. The origins of the Sanctuary of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska go back to 1601, when a chapel was erected on Mount Żarek and dedicated to the Crucifixion of Christ, following a model in chalk of the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem. The chapel was consecrated as a church and it was then to serve as a place of prayer during Lent for the Zebrzydowski family. At the time of its foundation, it was decided that one of the chapels should contain the miraculous icon of Mary mother of Jesus. The Sanctuary is today a site of contemplation and prayer for tourists, especially during Lent and the Good Friday celebrations, with the re-enactment of the Passion of Christ.

Practical information on the streaming

The Sanctuary offers an online broadcast service under the following link.