Shrine of Our Lady of Altötting

Altötting, Germany

The Shrine of Our Lady of Altötting, also known as the Chapel of Grace, is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and is the national Shrine of Bayern. In 1489, the miraculous healing of a young boy who had drowned sparked the devotion in the small chapel in Altötting and especially to the image of the Black Madonna with the Infant Jesus venerated there. More than 2000 votive images in the chapel testimony the Grace and miracles received by the faithful who asked for the intercession of Mary to God in the past years, while the thousands of pilgrimages remind of the path to walk in order to find hope and comfort in God’s Grace.

Practical information on the streaming

The Shrine offers an online broadcast of scheduled Masses (in the chapel of St Andrew during the Lent and Ester time) under the following link.