Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto

Loreto, Italy

The Basilica della Santa Casa in Loreto (also called Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto) in Italy is a site of Marian pilgrimage since the 13th century. According to the tradition, the House of Loreto is part of the House where the Virgin Mary, transported through an “angelic mystery” to Illyria and successively to its current location, where it was later incorporated into a basilica. The stones of the House testify the Annunciation of the Angel to Mary and Her yes to God’s will. It is in this way that the House is considered not only a relics, but also a symbol of a place that can carry multiple meanings for the life of adults, youth and families. The basilica of Loreto teaches to adhere with courage to the vocation that God indicates to every man and woman, be it religious or spousal life.

Practical information on the streaming

The Shrine offers an online broadcast service under the following link.

The schedule of broadcasted celebrations can be found on the homepage of the Basilica.